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David Dickson, President, Dickson CompanyDavid Dickson, President
Building Demolition is one of the crucial processes in construction work. As people continue to build new structures, there comes the point where the old ones need to be demolished either for safety reasons or to make room for newer buildings. However, the demolition process is not as easy as it sounds. There are several factors to be considered before making any decision. The demolisher has to assess the different characteristics, such as the materials, building usage, construction method, draining conditions, and more. Securing the permits and safety of the site workers, supervisors, operators, engineers, and other people around the demolition area is paramount. To prevent potential hazards, the demolisher has to remove dangerous materials from the building before demolition, such as asbestos, lead, PCB, or mercury containing materials. They also have to consider the purpose of the demolition and how to dispose of the debris. To carry out all these tasks seamlessly and with great responsibility, the property owners or the companies that want to demolish their buildings must partner with a reliable and skilled demolition company.

That's precisely where Dickson Company marks its presence by delivering a complete package of integrated services, experienced management, and the methods that maximize value for the clients. Founded in 1937, Seattle and Tacoma-based Dickson Company is known for its safe, well executed projects in building demolition, hazardous materials abatement (asbestos, lead, mercury, PCBs, and radiological, among others), and civil construction. With all of the necessary, specialized equipment and skills, Dickson Company has proven to be the perfect partner for schools, large industrial facilities, commercial buildings, military bases,, bridges, apartments, office buildings, and many other structures with complex demolition and wrecking needs.
Once the client chooses Dickson Company as their demolition contractor, the company's team gathers the client's requirements and schedule. The company will develop demolition and site-specific safety plans to fit the specific plans, specifications, and unique site characteristics for each project and location. Then the company assigns experienced staff to take down the building safely and efficiently in accordance with its planning. "Our ultimate objective is to put safety first while working with customers to complete projects on time and under budget," states David Dickson, President of Dickson Company. With the highly talented and trained staff, the company continually addresses all clients' concerns, including safety issues, speed of completion, sustainability, and reliability.
  • Our ultimate objective is to put safety first while working with customers to complete projects on time and under budget

One of the factors that set Dickson Company apart from competitors is its proprietary Waller Road Inert Landfill & Recycling yard. In its highly regulated recycling yard, the company carries out gravel operations and recycling concrete and asphalt to create products of various sizes and specifications. The gravel operations produce quality construction aggregates that meet WSDOT specifications. Dickson Company also uses mobile crushing and screening equipment, which enables it to travel and provide recycling services off-site. The company is also experienced in radiological work and has abated and demolished structures with radiological contamination and radioactive waste. These services are provided separately or as part of a larger scope of work on projects.

Since its inception, Dickson Company has demolished thousands of structures and has the expertise and experience to complete any type of demolition project. For instance, Dickson company tore down the vast majority of The Seattle Times Building, while saving the building's entire facade because it was a historical landmark.. Many projects have required salvage of wood structural members, mechanical equipment, unique architectural features, or entire wings of buildings. Others require the complete removal of a structure in close proximity to other structures, public roads, or power lines. In all of these instances, Dickson Company works with clients, engineers, public agencies, and others to plan and execute its work safely, not just for its workers, but for the public and the environment as well.

Dickson Company is consistently striving to enhance their service capabilities to help clients achieve their goals. "We are always looking at new equipment and trying to stay on the leading edge of what's the latest and greatest equipment-wise," asserts Dickson. The company is also working toward partnering with construction contractors, where first Dickson Company will remove old buildings and allow construction contractors to build new ones. In conclusion, Dickson says, "Our demolition services are proven and have a good reputation; this allows our clients to trust and rely on us."
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Dickson Company

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David Dickson, President

Dickson Company is a family-owned business that provides demolition, abatement, or civil construction services.

Dickson Company
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