Beam, Longest and Neff: Delivering Cost-effective, Efficient, and Thoughtful Demolition Programs

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Tom Longest, CEO and Jim Longest, President, Beam, Longest and NeffTom Longest, CEO and Jim Longest, President
Beam, Longest and Neff (BLN) is a third generation, family owned consulting engineering firm currently celebrating 75 years in business. The firm provides services to public agencies across the U.S. and focuses on maximizing client satisfaction on every project it takes up. Typical public works projects involve rehabilitation or expansion of existing infrastructure with small right-of-way takes. Less common are neighborhood revitalization and large-scale new infrastructure projects involving acquisition of hundreds of parcels that require complex demolition programs. Agencies need an expert specializing in regulatory compliance, state and local recycling goals, and management of inherently hazardous demolition processes. BLN recognized this need and created an award-winning turnkey demolition program management solution for public agencies across the U.S. “We provide clients with the required subject matter expertise as well as a single point of accountability to design and execute a thoughtful, cost-effective, and efficient demolition program,” says the firm’s CEO, Tom Longest.

BLN’s first collaborates with the client to define project goals and objectives, then begins the critical path process of establishing scope and cost management plans, document controls, procurement methods, staffing plans, quality controls, risk and safety management plans, and project schedule. BLN provides all demolition execution services from performing environmental due diligence to disconnecting utilities, property management, and security.
BLN also provides project monitoring and control techniques to identify any variances and determine corrective actions.

As part of BLN’s turnkey solution, in-house acquisition services (including appraisals and negotiation) ensure the transfer of clear titles to the owner.

The company delivers cost-effective and efficient solution for clients. A recent award-winning project reduced the average demolition from 150 days to 27 days, start to finish, without increasing costs. Recent projects: 300 parcels with 292 demos, 384 parcels with 143 demos, 1,477 parcels with 219 demos, 200 parcels with 28 demos, a 4,000 parcel statewide PPDR program, and a 2,000 parcel inner city PPDR.

Demolition projects often occur in proximity to residential or industrial/ commercial locations where access to adjacent homes or businesses must be maintained. BLN ensures that MOT, hauling operations, and equipment mobilization take place with minimal impact to the surrounding area. Communication is key to successful demolitions, and BLN managers use project management software to streamline schedule and budget management. BLN also manages communication with adjacent property owners regarding demolition activities. An important aspect of public agency projects is local workforce engagement. BLN developed a robust system to identify and connect additional skilled and unskilled workers to open jobs, create mentorships, provide skills training, and ensuring task orders are subdivided into smaller scopes. These actions advance opportunities for small and diverse businesses to provide work and wages for area residents, and BLN projects typically exceed participation objectives.

BLN’s success managing large-scale, turnkey demolition programs consisting of multiple individual projects is due in part to the firm’s 75-year history solving large, complex engineering problems. A defining quality of the professionals who work for BLN is the desire to innovate solutions that make the world a better place. “It goes back to our roots as an engineering company that gives us the expertise and resources to deal with various complicating factors in our projects,” says Longest.

Looking forward, BLN will continue to identify and close expertise gaps for its clients with innovative turnkey solutions. Longest sees national growth in the firm’s growing emergency management service line. Numerous natural disasters in the U.S. and Caribbean created huge debris management concerns for state and local agencies and BLN is taking its demolition expertise to a host of new clients. Long known for providing program management services to state DOTs, BLN is repurposing its expertise there to help clients navigate the complexities of FEMA and HUD emergency grants. “Clients are choosing us for their most significant projects because we are their trusted partner, which is proof enough that our solutions-driven approach is making a difference,” says Longest.
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Beam, Longest and Neff

Indianapolis, Indiana

Tom Longest, CEO and Jim Longest, President

The company designs comprehensive solutions for all facets of infrastructure projects. From early planning and funding application assistance to design and public presentation to final project acceptance, BLN provides the leadership necessary for success

Beam, Longest and Neff
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