Athens Services: Remodeling the Local Waste Management Approach

Greg Loughnane, President, Athens ServicesGreg Loughnane, President
Construction debris generated during renovation or demolition of buildings, roads, and bridges make up almost one-third of the total waste across the U.S. today. Needless to say that much waste can pose a severe threat to human health and the surrounding environment. Thus, ensuring responsible management of construction waste should be an essential aspect of every sustainable building plan.

Driven by that conviction, a majority of construction companies today are hiring qualified waste collectors to recycle and reuse the enormous amount of debris that emanates from building materials. Besides, with the growing significance of construction waste recycling and reusing, a multitude of environmental regulations have also come forth now. Therefore, construction firms are required to meet and surpass those sustainability protocols by law while diverting their construction waste. However, the challenge remains in terms of collaborating with a capable waste and recycling service provider that understands the precise needs of their clients. Enter Athens Services. With heart and mind into fostering a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment by embracing the best waste diversion practices, this family-owned business has positioned itself as the largest waste diverter and recycling processor in the greater Los Angeles community for the past 60 years.

Athens Services focuses on waste collection and diversion, thereby lending a helping hand to construction companies and the community to preserve valuable environmental resources. One of the main reasons behind the company’s success is its local infrastructure. Athens owns and operates three local materials recovery facilities and an organic waste processing facility. These facilities utilize innovative technology to increase landfill diversion.
Over the last few years, Athens has invested in Artificial Intelligence to sort recyclables, a first-of-its-kind Organics Separation Press, which squeezes organic fluid from waste to increase diversion, and continues to make material investments in mission critical infrastructure in line with its focus on disposal avoidance and diversion efforts. As a result, Athens Services has stayed ahead of state recycling laws, while helping construction and demolition companies meet their projects’ diversion goals.

“We don’t believe in shortcuts. We’re preparing for future diversion needs today,” claims Dave Vaughn, the Executive Vice President of Athens Services. Staying true to this mission, Athens Services helps California construction companies meet their project expectations, without any interruption. And such proven capabilities have ensured that the company is on the speed dial of almost every LA-based construction firm today. “We serve more than half of the Los Angeles in some capacity, and we are always a call away 24/7 so that customers find no difficulty in meeting their waste diversion needs,” says Vaughn.

The same consultative approach is also seen as a unique value of Athens Services when they undertake new projects. The company performs a thorough analysis to break down the diversion requirements of that project. This helps Athens’ team understand what is required of them logistically and operationally. Then, the company arranges for the pickup and transportation of the construction and demolition waste. The material is delivered to Athens’ Crown Recycling facility, where waste is processed in a closed-loop system to recycle up to 90 percent of the material. These state-of-the-art capabilities are a testament to Athens Services’ resources being at par with big corporate entities in the waste and recycling industry. However, the company likes to stay humble and take pride in being a local service provider.

Even though Athens Services has managed to write many success stories over the last 60 years, the president, at this juncture, shares a recent one. Los Angeles International Airport was challenged with an excessive amount of construction and demolition waste-generated through its expansion. After Athens came in with their closed-loop process, drastic changes were witnessed in the volume diverted from landfills. The airport is now able to achieve new heights in waste diversion goals and positively contribute to a sustainable environment.

And today, even amid a global pandemic, nothing restricts Athens Services from delivering exceptional services to its customers. The company remains committed to its waste collection services while ensuring the safety of its workers, customers, and, by and large, the community. The idea of contributing to the betterment of the environment remains constant with the team. Vaughn states, “We’re going to help our customers work through the pandemic and be there for them when they call us. That’s what we’re here for.” Right now, Athens Services is also gearing up for its moon-shot goal of being an active part of the Olympics 2028, scheduled to be held in Los Angeles. While the event will definitely add a jewel to the city’s crown, the best visitor experience can only be achieved by properly managing the unavoidable yet massive amount of construction and demolition waste generated during the preparation period. And Athens Services is poised to play a significant role in managing the waste that would be generated during this anticipated event.
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Athens Services

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Greg Loughnane, President

Athens Services is a local, family-owned waste collection and recycling company that has been a fixture in the greater Los Angeles community for the past 60 years. Athens Services is a family-owned and operated waste collection and recycling company. The company provide innovative, reliable, and high-quality waste processing, recycling, and other environmental services for residential, commercial, and public-sector customers

"We don’t believe in shortcuts. We’re preparing for future diversion needs today"

- Greg Loughnane, President

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